Letterink — the stroke plugin for Glyphs — supports Catalina

Letterink now supports Catalina, temporarily requires a Cutting Edge release of Glyphs 2.


  • Letterink is now compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina as well as with recent versions of macOS 10.14 Mojave.
  • Glyphs 2's Cutting Edge build 1300 or newer is recommended until a stable version 2.6.5 is officially released.
  • You need to register your licence inside the plug-in.  
  • Download the new version of Letterink through our Redeem page.

Supporting current macOS

We finally found a way how to make Catalina happy so it allows Letterink to run. This also improves our compatibility with recent versions of Mojave as Apple partially back-ported Catalina changes into recent versions of Mojave as well.

Letterink now supports macOS from 10.12 Sierra to 10.15 Catalina.

Compatibility with Glyphs 2

A recent stable version of Glyphs 2 introduced an issue which significantly affects your experience with Letterink. Our Glyphs friends promptly fixed the issue (in build 1300) but you need to switch to the Cutting Edge update channel to get it until they release a new stable release of Glyphs 2.

How to get Cutting Edge version of Glyphs 2?

  • Optionally, duplicate the Glyphs application in your Applications folder. Rename the copy to Glyphs Beta and switch that one to the Cutting Edge.
  • Use the Glyphs menu to go Preferences > Update.
  • Activate "Show cutting Edge versions".
  • Click Check Now.
  • Install the update offered to you.

Registering the licence

Historically, your licence was bundled inside the plug-in. This is no longer the case. You need to open the licence file using the plug-in interface.

  • Install the Letterink plug-in as usual by double clicking on Letterink.glyphsTool and confirming the plug-in installation as asked by the Glyphs app.
  • Restart the Glyphs app to reload plugins.
  • In Glyphs, open or create a font.
  • Open any glyph.
  • Switch to the Letterink tool (L).
  • Click on an I have it or an I have a licence button shown on the Letterink panel near the bottom of the glyph canvas.
  • In the open file dialog, locate and select Licence.letterinkGlyphsLicence.
  • Enjoy the skeleton-based type design.

You can also find these instructions in the ReadMe.html file inside the dowloaded package.

Downloading the updated Letterink

Go to our Redeem page to request your download link.