Bring all Letterink’s features under the roof of your favourite software Glyphs. Even Mr Gutenberg would approve.

Draw letters with skeletons

Drawing letters with skeletons is awesome. Nudging skeletons is bloody awesome. Even when you need to create outlines—simply expand the stroke and Letterink will generate clean curves for you:

draw with stroke
set stroke edge spacing
set global stroke
set single glyph stroke
expand strokes to outlines

Flexible nib transformation

Why don’t you spin and stretch that nib on the fly? Yes, it’s finally possible—and it’s pretty simple:

modify individual nodes on canvas
modify individual node modification on numeric input
gain smooth transitions
always get clean outlines - no more unnecessary anchor points (Beta)

Global nib transformation

You may have ran into this feature in other tools. But what if you need to adjust it during the sketching? What if you need to compare two masters? Change global nib presets anytime.

preset nib for each master individually
preset nib for each layer individually
change preset while influencing local modification
set up nib preset classes (Planned)