Learn how to master the skeletons with Letterink

Working with stroke preview

Letterink is disabled by default to prevent unintended changes to fonts drawn using a traditional outline method. You can enable Letterink font-wide or per-layer any time.

1Switch to the Letterink tool on the toolbar, open an contextual menu (Ctr press or right mouse click) and choose one from the option.

2Turn the preview on for all glyphs means that Letterink creates stroke for all your glyphs unless you'll turn preview of for a particular glyph.

3Turn the preview on for a particular glyphs leaves rest glyphs off. This comes helpful if your font has most of the glyphs outlined.

Strugling to get things done?

In any case of struggling, whistle on our support at ahoy@letterinkapp.com, and we’ll appear to help you anytime.