Letterink is our baby. We’ve been nurturing her since 2013 and we believe in her exceptional talent of mastering the power of skeletons. When she grows up, type designers will finally get a solid tool for skeleton type design. See what life has in store for her and help us make it happen.

Advanced brushes

Letterink is the most advanced nib tool. However, its core goal is to provide a set of brushes or to even create a custom brush. We are researching the potential of Letterink’s algorithm to make this feature come alive:

create geometrical nib shapes
create combination of shapes
create complex vector images
skeleton interpolation with Letterink

Skeleton interpolation

Provide your type family with flexibility not only by stretching the skeleton, but also by changing its shape. See what happens when you open contours or create something else:

interpolate skeletons
interpolate nibs
generate stroke instances
skeleton based font (Long term vision)
illustration ill-vision-nib-presets

Nib presets classes

Drawing complex typographic systems might be overwhelming when you have to use various stroke angles and widths. Our future solution to this problem is the nib classes feature. It allows you to assign nib presets:

save and reuse master nib preset
create dependable class
skeleton based font with classes (long term)
We still have a lot of work to do before we can completely harness the power of skeletons. Your pre-order significantly contributes to the future of skeleton type design.