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Draw letters with a digital pointed nib

Type designers have always been waiting for a skeleton-based type design tool. Now it's finally here. The digital pointed nib helps you deal with calligraphic scripts as well as Latin and non-Latin faces.

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Draw calligraphic characters with a stroke

Do not to struggle with nib shapes anymore. Define stroke by skeleton and brush instead, and let Letterink generate clearly plotted outline for you.

Non-Latin type designers' weapon

You are drawing Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic or any Indian script fonts — Letterink plugin is definitely the right tool for you. As a non-latin type designer, you'll find it extremely useful when creating letterforms with calligraphic principles.

Experiment with a new approach

This is what the original faces on a printing press would look like if the letters were not woodcut but rather nib drawn. Technology hasn't been able to provide such an opportunity — until now. Be one of the first type designers to create new shapes with new technology.

Current Features

Global nib setup

Set up nib properties globally to create the initial state of the typeface among all glyphs.

Glyph's nib setup

Set up nib's width and rotation for a single glyph to control local changes.

Spot nib setup

Enhance letter details by controlling nib at a single spot to gain pointed nib effect.

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