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For the last couple of weeks, we've been working hard behind the scenes on something remarkable, and it's finally ready. We're proud to introduce the stroke preview!

Now you can display stroke preview while drawing the letters. Moreover, when you export the font, the strokes are also automatically exported instead of skeletons. As such, you are no longer required to manually expand strokes unless you intend to fine tune outlines manually.

Learn how to

Check out the short tutorial on how to turn on the stroke preview.


What about the metrics? 

You can calculate them on strokes as if they were outlines. All without the necessity of expanding stroke and loose of your skeletons. That allows you to design the whole font with skeletons and be insanely fast.

Heads up here!

Your font files will be automatically upgraded to reflect changes in the new version of Letterink. As such, they will no longer work with the old version of the plug-in.

Convert to skeleton

Anyway, this is nothing with the comparison to the speed you'll be drawing letters now.

Are you ready to convert to the skeleton?

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