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Speedup over two times type drawing with pointed nib simulator for Glyphs 2

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Ban the outlines back to woodcut era!

See how fast is drawing letters with skeletons. Even Johannes Gutenberg would be proud.

Design typefaces with proper contrast

Master calligraphy and letterings

Transform nib as you need, Letterink will always give you lovely curves

Transform nib globally

Set nib properties for all glyphs at once than changing anytime. Change strokes of all letters globally and generate weights or various contrast for masters in real time. Everything with the same skeleton.

Transform nib by glyph

Need extra properties for a particular letter? Not a problem. In cases where you need stronger of lighter strokes for single letters.

Transform nib locally

Modify nib properties for a single node to enhance details. Simulating nib pressure or local rotation is the feature of pointed nib and Letterink for type designers.

Yes, the type you read was drawn with Letterink

Type designers have been waiting for the ages. Now it is finally ready. It is time to convert to skeleton type design.

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